Carbon Footprint of Custodied Metal

Nornickel and Sphera have been working together since 2013 to record the Company’s CO2 emissions. The recorded data show Nornickel’s long-term commitment and strategy to cut greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions at all stages of the production chain, from underground ore mining to processing and refining.

The carbon savings were made possible thanks to upgrades to the hydroelectric plant which feeds Nornickel’s production facilities in the Norilsk Industrial District and the upgrade and repair of power equipment, rollout of the automated control and metering system, reduction of heat losses in buildings and pipelines, and decommissioning of obsolete power units.

As a result, Nornickel-produced metal has a significantly lower carbon footprint versus the industry average (scope 1 and 2 emissions).

GPF makes best efforts to source Nornickel metal to back its ETC program. As of 31st December 2021 the percentage of Nornickel metal under custody in the program is: Gold 91.8%, Silver 94.8%, Platinum 97.6%, Palladium 88.3%, Copper 100%, Nickel 100%, Carbon Neutral Nickel 100%.

For metal mined by Nornickel since 2020 the carbon footprints are as follows: 

  • Gold 80.87 kg CO2-eq/oz

  • Silver 80.87 kg CO2-eq/oz

  • Platinum 659.39 kg CO2-eq/oz

  • Palladium 650.06 kg CO2-eq/oz

  • Copper 5.7 kg CO2-eq/kg

  • Nickel 8.1 kg CO2-eq/kg